Yota launches smartphone with two screens


Russian company Yota has launched a smartphone which features two screens, in addition to having a prolonged battery life. The phone has been launched in several markets and features one normal LCD display and another with e-ink technology, which is always on. The e-ink screens are usually used in e-readers and need less energy than the brighter LCD displays.


The smartphone will transfer text-heavy pages to the e-ink screen so that the LCD display is not draining battery while people are reading something. The device is powered by Android and enables users to see if they have any new information without having to wake up the phone. Vlad Martynov, the Yota Devices chief executive said, “The typical user picks up and activates their smartphone more than 150 times a day”.

This happens because users are constantly worried that messages or information they need or want are hidden behind their phone’s black screen. This might be a major distraction and can impede meaningful interaction with friends, families and colleagues.

According to technology experts, the idea has potential for users who become frustrated by their phone when it runs out of battery. Some of the features of the phone include a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

Photo Credits: Telegraph