NSA and GCHQ use Angry Birds, leaky phone apps to collect user data


The latest top secret documents revealed that the National Security Agency and GCHQ – its UK counterpart – have been working on developing capabilities to use ‘leaky’ smartphone apps. The applications in question – such as the globally popular Angry Birds game – help in transmitting private information of users all over the internet.

spy agencies

Reports say that the data pours onto communication networks from the latest generation of both iPhone and Android apps. The data includes phone model, screen size, as well as the more personal one – gender, age and location. The documents also stated that certain applications can even share the most sensitive information of users, such as their sexual orientation.

One of the apps recorded in the material is able to send specific sexual preferences, revealing whether or not the user might be a swinger. The majority of app users might not be aware of the complete extent that this information is being shared online and even the most sophisticated ones would not be able to realize that all information is available for spy agencies.

Exploiting phone information and location is one of the high-priority efforts for intelligence agencies, as terrorists and other intelligence agencies targets make use phones substantially in planning and carrying out their activities.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends