People residing near takeaways prone to be obese


A study has shown that people who live or work close to fast food outlets are more likely to be obese. Moreover, the risk of obesity is increased even if these eateries are on the daily commute to work.

take away

The latest research has shown the connection between the expanding waistlines and the ready availability of fast food in the UK. Experts from the University of Cambridge revealed that people are exposed to – on average – 32 various takeaway options on a daily basis. Those individuals who were more tempted were the ones who lived closer to fast food outlets or the ones who found a fast food outlet on their way to work and were twice likely to be overweight or obese than others.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Thomas Burgoine of Cambridge’s Centre for Diet and Activity Research explained that for some people in the UK, a wide selection of unhealthy food choices in the neighbourhood challenged the notion that the diets of people were influenced by the choice of the individual.

Dr. Thomas said, “All of us make our food purchasing decisions in an environmental context – no-one lives in a vacuum”. Earlier studies have shown that people with lower income are more likely to live near such fast food takeaway outlets.

Photo Credits: Guardian