Mick Jagger struggling to understand L’Wren Scott’s suicide


English musician and singer Mick Jagger is mourning the death of his lover and best friend, famous designer L’Wren Scott. Scott reportedly committed suicide on Monday, March 17, 2014. The famous musician is going through the worst time of his life as his relationship with Scott came to an end shortly before her death.


Lupe Montufar, Scott’s former housekeeper said, “She always dreamed about having fame, fortune and money. She had all that in her hands with him.” She went on to say that the late designer sacrificed a lot to be with The Rolling Stones frontman and that a few years back she thought she would be with him forever and have a family. She also mentioned that Scott knew there were other women in Jagger’s life, but she accepted it.

The musician was dining at a restaurant in the Australian city of Perth, which was the venue for the scheduled Stones concert when he learnt that Scott – who was his partner for 13 years – hanged herself in her apartment in New York. The singer was remembering the years that they spent together and said that he is still struggling to understand why she ended her life in such a tragic way.

Jagger was expected to kick off the concert in Perth, but it was cancelled and the band postponed their tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Photo Credits: Mirror