Earl Grey tea helps in fighting heart disease, study reveals


A recent study has revealed that drinking Earl Grey tea is good for health, as it helps in fighting against heart-related illnesses. The study found that the main ingredient of the tea – bergamot extract – is equally effective as statins when it comes to controlling cholesterol levels.

earl grey

The study mentioned that the popular hot beverage contains enzymes – which is known as HMGF – and they have the ability to attack proteins in the body which are known to cause heart diseases. Scientists who conducted the study came to a conclusion that bergamot can be as effective as statins – usually used to control cholesterol levels – but can also cause side effects in patients.

Researchers from the University of Calabria in Italy – while writing for the Journal of Functional Foods – have been using concentrations of HMGF on the proteins which cause heart issues, as well as ‘bad’ cholesterol. The effects were then compared to that of statins which are used to treat the exact proteins and it has been discovered that the bergamot extract with HMGF worked pretty much the same. It not only reduced the levels of LDL – which is also known as the bad cholesterol – but it increased the HDL – good cholesterol – levels.

The report in the journal went on to state that high cholesterol is a common health concern for everyone and statins are given to treat such condition.

Photo Credits: Telegraph