Google Glass as dangerous as a smartphone while driving


A recent study claims Google Glass is as distracting as a smartphone while driving.

An important function of Google Glass was to make multi-tasking easier for drivers. The hands-free and voice-based interface was intended to make life easier for drivers who wanted to work while they were behind the wheel. However, groups like the National Safety Council and Consumers Union have warned that using the Google Glass may be as dangerous as using a smartphone while driving.

Google Glass Driving

Texting using Google Glass is equally distracting, says a study by the University of Central Florida. While users are not getting their hands off the wheel to send texts or calls, their mind is diverted and that is what is crucial to prevent a crash.

The study also concluded that Google Glass users were better at regaining control of a vehicle after a traffic incident, as compared to smartphone users. A University of Central Florida researcher, Ben Sawyer said, “Texting with either a smartphone or Glass will cause distraction and should be avoided while driving.”

This is the first scientific study that looks to understand Google Glass’ effect while driving. The study was conducted in cooperation with the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The National Safety Council has issued statistics that show distraction due to cell phones is the reason for 1.6 million crashes each year.

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