Fans Want to See Scotty Lago’s Party Pics after the Leaked Racy Photos


Scotty Lago – the snowboarder who is infamous for pics of a girl kissing his Olympics bronze medal dangling round his waist – seems to be poking fun at those racy pics of him that were released online last week.

Now people are searching for Scotty Lago party pics to know how this dude parties!

According to reports, Scotty Lago quit the Vancouver Olympics as soon as the controversial photos were made known to the public and also apologized for them.


For those of you who are not aware of Scoty Lago’s controversial photos, then you must know that the pics showed Scotty celebrating his Olympic win with a girl, and the girl was seen kneeling below his waist to kiss the hanging medal . As a result of this, Scotty Lago left the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Scotty Logo tweeted after reaching home : “Got home this morning to all my homies, such a good Olympic experience. Keeping my medal in a safe spot for now, haha”.

Ever since the incident, people from across the world are searching for Scotty Lago’s party pics to see if those pics are as wild and scandalous as the pics of a girl kissing his medal.