Killer Whale Kills Trainer Dawn Brancheau Attack Video Is What People Want to See


Trainer Dawn Brancheau’s life got over in a flash and now everyone wants to see how such a tragic thing could happen with dozens of people watching on helplessly.

People from around the world are trying to search for whatever footage they can get of Killer whale Tilikum killing trainer Dawn Brancheau at Shamu stadium in Sea World, Orlando.

Currently, no one has come ahead and provided any video recording of the last moments of Dawn Brancheau even though everyone knows that people are always recording the whale show at Sea World.

Tilikum 2

Although some sources are showing alleged footage of Killer whale Tilikum killing Dawn, no one has verified if this is indeed the real video.

Orca whale Tilikum killed trainer Dawn Brancheau when suddenly after pulling her down from under the water and began thrashing her around. Dawn was 40 years and one was of the most experienced trainers at Sea World.