The Ordinary People 2009 – Movie Review


The movie Ordinary People was released in certain places in the UK today the 26th February, 2010
The movie was officially released in France on 16th September, 2009.

ordinary people movie

The movie is a dramatic movie which describes a pharmaceutical company and how the company throws a grand party where each and every employee of the Company is invited for the same. In the party the staff are asked to participate in a role game which is massive training simulation program. The party was organized for the celebration for marketing their new product

Rumors begin that the company may get acquired by another company and everyone starts to tell lies to save their own skin.

The movie is directed by Mathias Gokalp and is sure to create a lot of fans after its release in UK today.

So watch it to know more about this family oriented movie… I give it a 8 out of 10.

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