AR could help calculate risk of dying from COVID-19


COVID-19 surfaced in the country of China in December 2020. That was the time there was no information about how the virus behaved and how it had to be treated. Slowly and steadily scientists across the globe were able to observe what the virus is all about and how it could be handled. In the current times there is an antibody test that helps to determine if the person has anti-bodies that would help to fight against the virus, at least to a certain extent. A new research has found that Artificial intelligence could be used to calculate a person’s risk of dying from the virus and its variants.

The AR scans the heightened blood vessel inflammation that will help to calculate the risk of dying. This will also mean that it can be used to determine the customize the treatment for the person and give the patients a better chance of recovery. The fresh research has been funded by the British Heart Foundation. In the severe cases of COVID-19, it has been associated with cytokine storm where the protein leads to a spike of the virus that hits hard the immune system.

The researchers with the help of the CT Scans had developed a signature machine learning for COVID-19. The scans help to determine the red flags in the fat that surrounds the blood vessels in the chest that measures the level of inflammation caused by cytokines in people who have been infected with COVID-19. This would mean that there would just be another step that has to be included in the regular protocol while treating a COVID-19 infected patient that can increase the chances of a really sick person to live.

Clinical trials are currently being conducted to look in to the effectiveness of the approach. If things work out as planned then this could be a remarkable phase in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Photo Credits: Pixabay