Oscars 2010 Date And Time Is Finalized For Today: Red Carpet Event Awaited


The 2010 Oscars date and time announcement states that this year’s Oscar’s event will begin at 8 PM EST live from sunny California.

According to news releases, the The 2010 Oscars red carpet event is scheduled to commence at 8 PM EST and you can catch Hollywood’s biggest stars strut on the red carpet and talk about their glamorous outfits and movie roles.

This year’s red carpet event is definitely bound to be very interesting with every celebrity trying to outdo the other when it comes to fashion.


Due to some media wars, ABC has canned all plans to show the Oscars to people in from New York and instead viewers will only see a blank screen till ABC’s differences with Cabletelevision are cleared.

Incase you are from New York, then you can catch it online as ABC will be showing it live show from The Red Carpet here: ABC Live.

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