Clark Rockefeller Movie, Who Is Clark Rockefeller? on Lifetime Tonight


Every kind of news, thats big needs a lifetime movie and now Clark Rockefeller case who made news in the summer of 2008 is made into a movie too.

Tonight at 9, Lifetime presents Who Is Clark Rockefeller? Rockefeller aka Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter.

Who Is Clark Rockefeller?

Eric McCormack and Sherry Stringfield star in Who Is Clark Rockefeller?

In this one Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame will play Rockefeller.

There is not much to watch out for in the movie as the poster of the movie answers the titular question.

Clark Rockefeller is a husband, a kidnappers and is a con man.

The real Clark Rockefeller (left) and Eric McCormack as Clark Rockefeller