Pi Day 2010 and Albert Einsteins Birthday Celebrated Today!


Today is Pi Day 2010 ! Never heard of Pi Day before? This day happens to be the birth dates of the mathematical constant Pi as well as that of the great Albert Einstein.

Pi Day 2010 is a day that remembers the mathematical constant 3.14 – which is described as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

pi day 2010

Pi Day is remembered on March 14,and according to some reports, there also happens to be a Pi minute, which happens at 1:59 PM as well as a Pi second, which will be on 1:59;26 PM!

The symbol for the Pi was first put into use by mathematician William Jones in 1706, but only became famous after Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler used it in 1737.

In remembrance of Pi day, the Maryland Science Center, the Discovery Science Center as well as San Fransisco’s Exploratorium throw parties on this great day. Some eating places offer yummy free pies too!

Happy Pi Day 2010!