New Health Care Bill Summary: Pros and Cons Of The Historic Health Care Bill


The New Health Care bill could not be ignored. The people wanted it so badly despite the stiffest opposition from the Republicans who would go to any length to destroy the bill.

The New Health Care Bill that was passed, will bring a tremendous change in the lives of ordinary people living in America for whom healthcare safety is a dream which they are looking forward to, and which will be they dream come true.


Here are the Pros of the New Health Care Bill:

1. Everybody has a option to have a health insurance.
2. Even if a person loses their jobs while they are sick, insurers cannot stop paying the sick
3. People who cannot afford a health insurance wont have to pay as much money.
4 Healthcare is also eligible for people who are already sick
5. In the long run it significantly reduce the medical costs
6. There will be an increased competition in the insurance market.

New Health Care Bill – Cons:

1. In 10 years for the first time, it will cost about $100 billion a year – A yearly cost of the Iraq War.
2. They might be an increase in the cost of health insurance
3. The one Individual Mandate. If you do not have an health insurance, you will have to buy it or have a 2% tax increase.
4. This insurance will be subsidized—but there is no guarantee that the subsidy will suffice for your specific situation.
5. High income group people there will be a tax increase. For eg. If you are making more than half a million (or maybe a full million) you will have about a 1% tax increase.

Physicians will have increased access to information about what treatments are most effective for their cost. If two treatments work equally well and one is cheaper, doctors can recommend that one. This was almost universally considered a good thing until a few years ago, but some people have started criticizing it lately.
Large employers may also have to offer health insurance to more of their employees. If they do not, they may have to pay some extra tax.

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