New Moore Island Disappears In The Bay of Bengal


UK Today News :For around almost three decades, countries Bangladesh and India have been arguing with the Moore Island, which lies in the Bay of Bengal.

new moore island

But the argument was kept on a long wait, as the sea levels there have been rising at an alarming rate due to Global Warming. The latest news is that New Moore Island has been swallowed by the Bay of Bengal. New Moore island no longer exists.

Professor Sugata Hazra reports that, New Moore Island has completely sunk and this is confirmed by satellite images and sea patrons.

Professor Sugata Hazra further stated,

“What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking has been resolved by global warming.”

The sea levels in the Bay of Bengal had been rising by 3 millimeters per year until the year 2000. But shockingly, that rate increased to 5 millimeters per year since then.

New Moors Island is also know as South Talpatti Island.

Reports say that around 10 more small island like New Moore Island are still at risk in the Bay of Bengal.

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