Swami Nithyananda Yuvarani Video Surfaces Online: Yet Another Sex Scandal For Swami Nithyananda?


UK Today News: Swami Nithyananda Yuvarani Video Surfaces Online

Swami Nityananda’s Scandals had rocked the world of Hindu religious men a few days ago, that led to the Swami taking cover away from the media and his followers.


Just when we thought that this was probably an isolated incident, there are rumours of a Swami Nithyananda Yuvarani Video – where the Swami is allegedly getting sexually involved with Tamil actress Yuvarani in yet another sexual scandal in India.

Previously, Swami Nityananda was allegedly caught on camera getting physical with Tamil actress Ranjitha, and now the new alleged relationship with actress Yuvarani is set to shock the world again.

Sources say that the police in the Indian state of Karnataka are on the lookout of the absconding Swami, ever since the sex scandal came to light on Mar 2 2010.

South Indian actress Yuvarani has acted with famous actor Rajinikanth in the movie Baasha.