Anne Curtis Malfunction Photo Spreads Like Wildfire Across The Internet


Anne Curtis – an-Australian born TV host and movie actress – became a victim of a wardrobe malfunction when her right breast got exposed to spectators during a live dance performance on stage to promote the movie Babe I love you.

anne curtis photo

This was enough to make the crowd remove their cell phones and grab an Anne Curtis malfunction video in action and lead to people searching for an anne curtis malfunction photo.

However, Anne Curtis has been deeply saddened by the way people have broadcasted the video across the world.

She told a news agency, ”I didn’t expect people to take photos of mine when in trouble and that makes me feel sad. They don’t have any respect for us artists. It really was an accident that happened.It is a bit upsetting that it had to come to this.”
The crowd came to see ASAP XV and Anne Curtis was dancing with Sam Milby .

It is indeed an unfortunate incident and very embarrassing ones for stars who struggle to keep themselves from controversy.

Just recently, Katharine Heigl suffered a malfunction t an awards ceremony. The other famous celebs to suffer wardrobe malfunctions are Tara Reid, Janet Jackson, Eva Mendez and a host of others.

Anne Curtis is a Filipino-Australian actress, model, and television host.