UPS Jobs – 25000 Driver Vacancies Open Up For UPS Careers


UK Today News: UPS Jobs – 25000 Driver Vacancies Open Up For UPS Careers

UPS – the world’s largest package delivery company – has reported that they plan on hiring 25,000 drivers if they pass the virtual training program.


These UPS careers have come into existence as a result of the vacancies that will be left by the retiring workers of UPS in the span of the next five years. UPS jobs pays it’s workers around $74,000 a year, and in th time of recession, when many people lost their jobs, this is definitely a good opportunity.

In order to get the UPS job, the aspiring candidates will be required to go through virtual training at Integrad, which is situated 10 miles from Washington DC.

Although this career option sounds very inviting, it must be noted that only 10 % of the 1,629 trainees have passed the training. As part of the virtual training, aspiring UPS drivers will have to prove themselves in video game like machines.

To check out job opportunities at UPS, you can check here

If you are interested in applying for a job at UPS, you need to go the UPS site, and enter you Social security number here

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