Polish President Plane Crash – List Of Polish Leaders Who Died In Polish Plane Crash


The President of Poland died in a plane crash early on Saturday morning, and this has led to people from around the world mourning the death of this great leader.

The President was accompanied by his wife and many Polish delegates when this plane crash took place.

We have the list of Polish dignitaries who died in the Polish plane crash that killed the Polish President.

The Poland’s presidential plane crashed at a western Russian airport with no survivors.

This is a big tragedy for the Country Poland as well as for the World.

Lech Kaczysnki _ Polish president

Here are the names of people that passed away in the Polish plane crash.

Lech Kaczysnki — Polish president.

Maria Kaczynska — The president’s wife.

Ryszard Kaczorowski — Poland’s last president-in-exile

Andrzej Kremer — Deputy Foreign Minister

Gen. Franciszek Gagor — head of the army chief of staff

Andrzej Kremer — Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aleksander Szczyglo — Head of the National Security Office

Pawel Wypych — Presidential aide

Mariusz Handzlik — Presidential aide

Jerzego Szmajdzinski — Deputy parliament speaker

Gen. Franciszek Gagor — Polish general, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army

Andrzej Przewoznik — Minister in charge of WWII memorials

Slawomir Skrzypek — Head of the National Bank of Poland

Janusz Kurtyka — Head of the National Remembrance Institute

Przemyslaw Gosiewski — Lawmaker

Zbigniew Wassermann — Lawmaker

Grzegorz Dolniak — Lawmaker

Janusz Kochanowski — Civil rights commissioner

Bishop Tadeusz Ploski — army chaplain

Anna Walentynowicz, former Solidarity activist

Wieslaw Woda, MP

Edward Wojtas, MP

Pawel Wypych, Minister and Kaczynski’s Chancellery

Stanislaw Zajac, Senator

Piotr Nurowski, head of Polish Olympics Committee

Krzysztof Putra, Deputy Speaker of parliament

These are some of the 96 passengers who died in the Polish plane crash.

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