European Airports to Ease Airspace Ban Due to Iceland Volcanic Ash


UK Today News: European Airports to Ease Airspace Ban due to Iceland Volcanic Ash

Air travelers stranded on the airports across the European continent had a sigh of relief, when the airports were due to open. But the Asian flights still seem to be cancelled. The ash cover over Europe has already affected around 8 million passengers, with a loss deficit to the aviation industry seems to be around $2 billion.

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Europe had grounded most of its airlines for the fifth day on Monday, due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland on the 14th of this month. Some airports including Frankfurt, Berlin and Warsaw released a handful of flights through the ash clouds but most of the flights remained cancelled.

To make matters worse, European airlines are already suffering from a slow rate of recovery. Even before this latest crisis, the International Air Transport Association had projected that the aviation industry would be bound to suffer a loss of $2.8 billion this year, compared to last years $9.4 billion.

Officials have said that they had never seen such an aerial disturbance in the history of aviation and even if the flights resume this week, it would take days to get situation back to normal.