Apple’s iPad Selling Extremely Well in Asia Even Before iPad’s Official Overseas Launch


The iPad is reportedly getting some good sales in Asia irrespective of the fact that Apple’s official overseas launch will only take place in the end of May. This has taken place as a result of specialty stores getting the iPad and reselling it at premium prices.

ipad (1)

The tablet-like device is up for sale at two shops next to the main electronics bazaar in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital.

Reports say that the Taiwanese customers are paying quite a bit for the unreleased iPad. The prices of the iPad in Taipei stores are as follows – NT$25,000 (US$800) for the 16GB model, NT$29,000 (US$925) for the 32GB version and NT$32,000 (US$1,020) for the 64GB iPad.

In the US, Apple has stated that the retail prices are US$499, $599 and $699, respectively.