Colombian Supermodel and Television Host Lina Marulanda Commits suicide

UK Today News: Colombian Supermodel and Television Host Lina Marulanda Commits Suicide

Supermodel and Colombian television host Lina Marulanda committed suicide by jumping out of her apartment window 6 floors to the ground.


Authorities confirmed that the death of Lina Marulanda is indeed a case of suicide, and she didn’t fall out.

Sources say that her marriage was in trouble with her second husband Carlos Oñate over the four months they had been together. So the reason for her taking such a drastic step could be depression.

Her fans all across the world and specially Colombia, have been mourning the loss of this beautiful young woman.

Lina Marulanda was born on May 15, 1980 in Medellin, Colombia. She started her modelling career at the age of 12. She has appeared in plenty of fashion magazines and was a host on he news on CM& Noticias and Caracol television.

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