Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Gulf Of Mexico Threatening Coastlines and Wildlife


The Gulf of Mexico Oil spill that began after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank, has been in motion for days now, covering almost 600 sq. miles of sea, and is reportedly endangering the coastlines of four states as well as numerous environmentally sensitive fishing habitats.

oils spill

The Governor of Louisiana has told the coast guards to take swift action against this environmental catastrophe, which is likely to be very destructive, especially the Reserve at the mouth of the river Mississippi. The oil rig is spewing out around 42000 gallons of oil almost everyday ever since the oil rig disaster that took place last week.

Coastal Geologist Dr. John Lopez said, that the oil spill is creeping towards the coast fast and may reach the coastline by the end of this week. The main concern right now is the wildlife.

He says that if the birds are oiled then there is less than 50% chance that there may be a recovery, and since oysters are the most sensitive habitat in the region in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil in the area will leave no oyster beds.