Arizona Immigration Law – A Law That Arizona Has to Live With?


Residents of San Francisco , mainly the early immigrants, used to call the city a ‘Sanctuary City’. But the Arizona Immigration new law that has emerged in neighboring Arizona is clearly uncooperative regarding it’s enforcement on immigrants.

arizona immigration law

Reports say that Arizona is going through a stage of creating a law system that will secure the state by the illegal immigration from the other side of the border.

But some lawmakers still support the concept of the new Arizona immigration law and even agree with it. They are agreeing to the fact that police officers now have a reasonable attempt to question a persons legal status in the country.

Arizona has a 30% stake of Hispanic people living in the state and most of them do speak Spanish. Now with such a strong population, police officers do make uncalled stops for interrogation of illegal immigrants. This new Arizona law seems to be helping the police officers to do their job more assuringly.

Many people have come out and spoken against the new Arizona immigration law.