Oil Spill Update – Government Intervened Only When Oil Slick Situation Worsened


UK Today News: Oil Spill Update – Government Intervened Only When Oil Slick Situation Worsened

Many days have gone by ever since the oil spill of the British Petroleum-operated Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion took place in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Rig Explosion

It has been gushing out gallons of oil ever since the oil rig disaster and reports say that the company told the Government that the situation was under control and that they could handle it. The truth however was shocking because even after so many days of hard work by the company, it was just impossible for BP to make things come under control as the oil spill turned out to be five times larger than it was previously reported.

Due to this Oil spill issue, the government on Thursday stepped in and called this an immediate emergency. Many days after the incident took place, the Coast Guard officials still insisted that most of the oil spill was burning off and there was no danger of a major catastrophe. However, this was not the case.

A White house spokesperson said that accidents like this do happen, but that does not make the Obama government back off the plans of expanding drilling offshore. The coast guards were relying on BP’s stats on the Oil leak reports, as it was told that 1000 barrels a day were spewing out. However the big shock came when the government found out that it was around 5000 barrels a day that was spilling into the sea.

According to Dallas News: “By Thursday afternoon, Obama had ordered the Defense Department to help and the White House had assembled a team of top advisers to showcase the administration’s determination to head off the damage posed by the oil slick.”

Reports say that BP is shedding £4million a day as a result of the oil spill.