Oil Spill Heads Towards the Coast – Gulf Coast Oil Slick Endangering Marine Life

UK Today News: Oil Spill Heads Towards the Coast – Gulf Coast Oil Slick Endangering Marine Life

Oil Slick Update: US President Barack Obama is set to take up an initiative to check up on the clean up work of the oil slick that started almost two weeks ago, and is now slowly endangering the shores of the Gulf Coast.

oil spill

With efforts to clean up the water including burning the oil and the use of chemicals – which has resulted in only little success – experts say that if the spill continues at the current rate, then it can become a living nightmare.

Even though the government and the BP owned Deepwater Horizons oil rig should have made more efforts to gain control over the situation, this is beginning to look gloomier for both the neighboring region’s economy as well as the fragile environment.

Reports say that looking at the way the oil spill has gone a little beyond control, the Obama administration seems to have done very little to help control it, besides being too slow to cover the disaster.

As of now, the oil spill is threatening the beaches, marshes along the coast as well as the bleak marine life that is supported by the biology in the region. From the time of the incident more than 1.6 million gallons of oil has gone into the sea.

Fishermen say that they wont be able to fish as marine life is dying and the beaches will be soaked in oil in time to come, if there is no quick solution to the oil spill issue soon.

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