Volcanic Ash Update – New Volcanic Ash Could Disrupt Scottish Airports

UK Today News: Volcanic Ash Update – New Volcanic Ash Could Disrupt Scottish Airports

Volcanic Ash Update- New reports have come in that fresh ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull is spewing again and can disrupt some flights in the Scottish airports, weather broadcasters held this statement.


It was on Tuesday afternoon that flights from the most remote parts of Scotland had resumed after a long pause, due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano.

Airline authorities were told that a fresh plume of cloud may hover into the Scottish airspace again in the night, which may result in delaying or even cancellation of many flights. Passengers are told to check in and confirm with their airlines before leaving for any air travel. The Scottish officials have reactivated the Emergency Response Committee that was working during the Icelandic Volcano crisis and the ban of many airlines last month.

According to BBC News, the Finance Secretary said that the situation is unpredictable and they are ever ready to respond to anything that can be unpredicted. The ash plume from Iceland is closely monitored and information is continuously being sent to the Air Traffic Authorities.

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