3 Dead And 27 Injured In Riots Taking Place In Greece


UK Today News: 3 died and 27 injured in riots taking place in Greece

There was a grim situation hovering in black clouds all over Greece. Tear gas, smell of fire, shouting, yelling and screaming was the scene in Greece. More to this, there were angry people who took out on to the streets and the Greek youths were in a charge to destroy buildings and banks.

economy of Greece

The people stood with bombs, mace and clubs, one could only imagine what they could break or burn next.

But there was something interesting to see for the first time in the history of riots that the people came prepared with gas masks, so that they could go head on with the police.
By afternoon, there were 3 people already dead and some 27 injured. Amoung the people who died, one of them was a pregnant woman who died due to the fumes in the bank which was set ablaze with a Molotov cocktail.

During the riots, it was noticed that the attacks were much specified. Like the building of Ministry of Economy which was burnt down to the ground.

And it the riots continue the economy of Greece too will have the same fate. It was announced on the 2nd of May that the taxes will be increased, but the salaries stayed the same. This followed by protests and demonstrations, then with violence.

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