BP’s Underwater Robots Only Way To Stop The Oil Leak


UK Today News: BP’s Underwater Robots Only Way To Stop The Oil Leak

As humungous amounts of oil is spilling into the gulf from last month, the hopes of million are holding on to BP’s special deepwater robots.

Gulf oil spill 2010

Just desperate to pull themselves out of this chaos, BP is depending on it 100 ton structure which will be lowered into the deep sea, and they hope that it would be able to contain the leak. This structure will be placed just over the well were the leak is at its highest.

Now fresh photos of the huge structure which is being built by BP are surfacing. News came in that, as of noon today the concrete and steel box was positioned right above the damage site, where the Deep Water Horizon stood, just above the active leak.

As deep underwater mechanics submerged into the abyss with their equipments, they carefully escorted the structures decent. The next step is to place the box over the leak, which will be performed by BP’s underwater robots. The process will be painstaking and will take up hours before any results show up.

Now according to experts, if this process proves to be effective then they would be able to funnel out 85 percent of the oil towards the tankers. But as this step of containing the damage moves ahead, people look behind and see, many peoples livelihood is already destroyed, most of the marine animals are gone or dead, and biology around the area of the rig is permanently damaged forever.

Now as everything is been devastated to such extent, people and officials are putting their faith on the machines which are sent down, and hope that they do some miracles.