BP Gulf Oil Spill 2010: Oil Leak Plugging, Dome Idea Crashes, Now Plug It With Garbage


UK Today News: BP Gulf Oil Spill 2010: Oil Leak Plugging, Dome Idea Crashes, Now Plug It With Garbage

BP Gulf Oil Spill 2010, BP oil leak: As British Petroleum went ahead with their latest plan to plug the oil leak in the gulf by placing a huge metal dome over it, and they did place it. But……… instead to funnel out the oil to the ship tankers on the surface, the four storied metal box got clogged with ice like crystals, which was a mixture of oil and natural gas.


With an estimation that more than 2 million gallons of oil has already gushed into the sea, the next idea of shutting the leak was putting on a smaller dome, because a smaller dome will contain less water and will be less vulnerable.

The other idea which is on the table is the junk shot. BP is considering of plugging the oil leak with trash. The US coast guards are actually shocked with BP’s idea of taking debris from the junk and plug it with full pressure into the well, and have no conformation if it would work or not. There is an average of 5000 barrels of oil being gushed into the gulf almost everyday.

The US was approached by almost 10 countries who wished to help contain the disaster, but State Department however said they were not in need of immediate help at the moment. On the other hand the environmental attorney, Stuart H. Smith stated that, BP is actually doing nothing upfront to stop the disaster. They have already told that if it is not contained then the leak will gush out nearly 60000 barrels a day and then it would be a large scale catastrophe. The world would be seeing a Valdez-type disaster every week.


  1. just seems a little curious how a rig busts after they plan on drilling offshore, whose in bed with who this time?

  2. This was to be expected given the lack of mangement/executive experience of our beloved president. He did not know how to anticipate a disaster and does not know how to mobilize response to deal with it. I believe Obama was playing a lawyer’s game of “who is going to pay for all this in the court of law” rather than what is the impact on my fellow citizens. Again, lack of experience. Even fumbling W was better than this. I am ashamed that we democrats put in a novice in charge of our country. I recall Nixon’s comment ” want to be respected not loved”. Obama wants to be loved but has lost any respect.
    Stephanie Mcnealy


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