Shuttle Launch Countdown 2010 – STS-132/Atlantis To Launch Today


UK Today News: Shuttle Launch Countdown 2010 – STS-132/Atlantis To Launch Today

Shuttle Launch Countdown 2010 : One more Space Shuttle is scheduled to launch today by NASA and the countdown was something every one was looking forward to.

Atlantis Shuttle

The name of the Space Shuttle is STS-132/Atlantis. The schedule of the launch was 2:20 PM Eastern Time May 14, 2010. The time of the space Shuttle landing is 8:44 AM Eastern Time on the 26th of May 2010.

The main aim of the Space Shuttle STS-132/Atlantis is to carry an integrated cargo carrier along with a mini research module. Both of these are built by Russia. The crew for this 12 day journey is supposed to consists of 6 crew members.

Right now NASA is all set to have a routine check for any possible problems before the schedule launch of the Space Shuttle. One of the main problems that a Space Shuttle would face is bad weather conditions. The good news is that the weather department found no bad weather conditions that could be a problem for the launch.

Inspite of the last-minute discovery of a reported loose ball bearing which was almost threatening to derail the launch, NASA finally declared the shuttle as good to take off 2:20 p.m.