Pet Tube – A Pet Safety Product For Pets And Also A Live Streaming Site For Pets

UK Today News: Pet Tube – A Pet Safety Product For Pets And Also A Live Streaming Site For Pets

Pet Tube: Summer is here again and with the heat going higher, safety is the most important aspect of travel for any person and even more so if there is a pet along with the group. Since pet owners are very concerned about the safety and comfort of their pet while traveling, a new pet product has been launched in the market that has pet safety as it’s aim. The product is called Pet Tube by PetEgo.


There were days when pets used to move freely around in the vehicle, but with the increase in the accident rates, pet owners now care a lot more for the safety of their pets. Reports say that Pet Tube is a small, strong and lightweight tote developed for the safety of the animal inside the vehicle.

The top of the Pet Tube is a mesh, so that the pet can see outside the vehicle, but here, the tote refers to the shape of the pet carriage, and instead of being square it’s cylindrical.

The Pet Tube comes in two different sizes. It is covered with pillows from inside and this makes it easy to clean and also a safe carriage. It costs approximately $100 more than the ordinary ones and it is claimed to be a lot safer than other similar products.

Reports also state some good news for pet owners – now there is Pet Tube site with url at, which is the latest video streaming site for pets!

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