Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Update – BP Oil Leak Solution Implemented


UK Today News: Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Update – BP Oil Leak Solution Implemented

BP who owns the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, is now responsible for the clean up of the oil spill which will keep getting bigger and bigger as the days pass, if the cleanup process isn’t faster enough.

bp oil leak
BP engineer looks by the sea

Last update showed that it was getting closer to the coast of Louisiana. President Obama has called in every possible effort to curb this disaster, and as per the news last week, they have found a third leak in the well below.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill considering the amount of damage it has created, may surpass to be the worst oil spills in respect to environmental damages – even crossing the Exxon Valdez incident.

As of now, it has reached more than the half the size of the Valdez disaster. Companies need to come up now at this moment to help the officials curb the oil spill disaster.

Till date, the government has already taken action to clean up the gulf of Mexico, and as per reports, more than 1 million gallons of water has been cleaned from oil and 367881 feet of oil booms have been deployed.

Reports say that BP has been trying all sorts of engineering efforts to stop the leak, which includes the four story high containment dome which was to be placed over the leakage.


  1. Oil Spill Solution

    My idea is to absorb as much of the oil as possible. You could make a layered cotton ball. It could be a cotton ball on the top, a sponge in the middle, and another cotton ball on the bottom. It would have to be huge (large enough that you would only need to make about 5 or 6). If you put the cotton ball where the oil spill is, and you scatter the few that were made all throughout where the spill is, and you leave it there for a few days, that cotton ball will absorb a lot of the oil. After a few days you can pull the cotton ball out. When you pull it out a lot of the oil will be absorbed into the cotton and the sponge. Whatever oil is left over can still be absorbed by all of the cotton balls that are still trying to absorb as much oil as possible. At the end of this process, there should be very close to no oil left. If there still is a good amount of oil left, you can make a few more cotton balls to absorb whatever oil is left behind. So, by doing this, you are getting rid of almost all of the oil form the oil spill.

  2. The pipe is steel and it must have been designed to contain the pressure of the oil being pumped 5000 feet to the surface. It also must be malleable enough to flex and bend from the bottom to the surface to the ‘rig’. Why not either bend it shut or crush it closed as much as possible and seal the remaining leak with a very basic concrete mixture? Seems like this needle threading arrangement is much to intricate and troublesome to make work. Do something simple – bend the pipe shut like a large soda straw.

  3. i hate you americans for what you have done to this precious earth and now your killing all of the water life mammals thank you so much now where all going to die because we have no water and now are food is being destroyed

  4. @melanie

    That is the most ignorant comment I have seen in a long time. It’s a British oil company first of all. But blaming the company’s country of origin is ridiculous. Corporate greed and negligence are at fault here. That has come from all nations. You are also blaming the actions of the US government, to which most Americans don’t agree with anyway.

    Regardless of any of that, “i hate you americans for what you have done to this precious earth.” There have been serious contributions to pollution from every industrialized nation on the planet. In blaming one it is pretty obvious that you are either truly ignorant or you’re looking for a target to vent blame on because you’re not smart enough to make any kind of meaningful contribution to the topic.

  5. Pug the pipe with a pipe sized angioplasty insert the inflatable tube or bag. Inflate the bag until oil stops cement around plug.

  6. It seems to me that a typical american response to this disaster is how much compensation will we get No mention of what can be done to avert further pollution. The president seems to be on the beet the BP to a pulp bandwaggen and not to forget that the rig is owned not by BP but by Transocean and leased to BP. Very easy for everyone to take a view on this disater without all the information to hand, and this will be very unlikely as newspapers and the media in general all have there own agendas.

  7. Enourmous bag of readymix, rapid set concrete in water tight flexible membrane, lowered over the pipe and opening to collapse the weight of the mix over the opening and shut it off, tamping insitu with robotic arms on deep water subs.

    How big is a bag of submersable concrete, how long is a piece of string, the consistency and weight in a flexible membrance capable of encapsulating the hole to create the seal weight versus pressure…maybe use several bags at once to shore up like a dam…test the theory on land with a similar pipe and pressure in a dupicate simulation to appreciate the potential and variations of effectiveness with different materials and membranes lowered.