BP Oil Spill Feed Update 2010 – Gulf of Mexico Marine Life Endangered For Generations


UK Today News: BP Oil Spill Feed Update 2010 – Gulf of Mexico Marine Life Endangered For Generations

BP Oil Spill Live Feed Updates, BP Oil Spill Update 2010, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: The damage which was caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil rig leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico, may last for generations until it recovers from the disaster, as stated by the Federal Scientists.

BP Oil Spill 2010

The oil spill which is almost 5000 feet deep, has destroyed certain food cycles, in addition to the system of reproduction of marine life in the deep sea. This is in turn will affect the ecosystem in a huge way.

Reports say that few animals that were oiled in the sea, have managed to land on the shore, but scientists are more concerned about other animals in the sea, which are continuing to inhale and digest the oily water.

Studies on animals who have survived oil spills have shown drastic change in their fitness and reproduction ability.
Roger Helm, Chief of the Fish and Wildlife service told the press: “Long-term exposure is what really has us concerned. Animals can deal with things when they are exposed for a limited period of time.”

Pointing out to one of the most sensitive ecology in the sea, are the crabs and squids which live in deep waters. If the number of squids in the sea begins to disappear, then there would be a drastic change in the population of sperm whales, since deep water squids are a part of their main diet. As for the part of rescue efforts and conservation, 30 scientific teams are conducting surveys in that water and on the shore, in an attempt to evaluate the effect of the oil spill on marine ecology and biology.