California Earthquake – San Diego Earthquake Today Rattles The City


UK Today News: California Earthquake – San Diego Earthquake Today Rattles The City

California Earthquake/San Diego Earthquake: Residents on the US-Mexico border might have woken all shaken up after a series of minor earthquakes rattled the border and the city of San Diego on Saturday morning.


As per the officials reports there were no damages or casualties reported.

The US Geological Survey reported that the first shock of a magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit the town around 10.30 am, it was closely followed about three minutes later by a magnitude 4.9 rattle and then again by 10.59 am magnitude 3.6 earthquake struck the area.

San Diego County Sheriff, Lt. Hank Turner, stated that the shocks were felt in downtown of San Diego, but no emergency calls of damages or casualties were reported. On the 4th of April the same area was hit by a bigger earthquake with a Richter scale of 7.2 and killed 2 Mexicans. Since then this region is experiencing earth tremors every now and then.


  1. Update on the Great North American Earthquake Prophecy This is the word I got on March 25, 2010: “I will bring devastation upon this continent: North America. I am hemorrhaging the land because this people will not obey my commands or keep my covenants which I commanded them to keep from the days of old–the days of their forefathers. They have broken covenant with Me. The mountains will cease. The valleys will grow. I Am the L-rd your G-d. Keep covenant with Me and live. Cease covenant and die. These are the words of the L-rd.” I’m not sure when an event of such magnitude will happen, and my hope is that the people will repent and turn back to the L-rd so that He shows mercy. I do get in my spirit that we may see some activity or type of event on July 2, 2010. I also expect to see some activity in the later part of September 2010: September 22 and perhaps September 24, 2010.

  2. I live in San Diego and we have been experiencing earthquakes every day since the April 4th earthquake. Most have been small, but we have also experienced the occasional quake between4.0 -5.0.