BA Strike – British Airways Strike Continues Even After Talks


UK Today News: BA Strike – British Airways Strike Continues Even After Talks

As the strike is gaining control over the problems of the passengers of the British Airways, it just seems to be getting worse and any sign of the situation heading towards normal routine looks grim.


The Cabin Crew of the Airways began their first of the three five-day strikes which arose due to the long running disputes between the Union and the Airlines.

Previously there were talks between the Airlines and the union – Unite, but they had failed for the reason that the travel concession to the crew who took part in the last strike were not permitted and as well as the conditions kept forward by Airlines to pay the crew.

BA authorities hope that the flights from London City and London Gatwick airports will proceed as the Heathrow airport is paralyzed as it is submerged in crisis. The BA crew had kept forward that they would call off the strike if the Union agrees to reinstate the pay perks it has demanded, but then it was unacceptable for the Union to go ahead with their demands as the terms they offered was nonnegotiable.

Admiring their demands, both the sides tried hard to keep away from a possible strike, they were having talks on the subject, so they could negotiate on the terms of each other but, then there was a huge disruption during their talks, a crowd of protesters gate crashed in, reacting to the Unite’s joint secretary Derek Simpsons twitter comment. Further reports are soon expected.


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