BP Top Kill – BP Oil Spill Live Feed 2010 Updates People On Oil Spill Issue

UK Today News: BP Top Kill – BP Oil Spill Live Feed 2010 Updates People On Oil Spill Issue

BP Top Kill, BP Oil Spill Live Feed: BP has come up with a “Top Kill” plan in hopes of plugging the Gulf of Mexico leaking oil well, that has been gushing out gallons of oil ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion took place last month. BP’s Top Kill procedure aims at drilling mud into the well, in an attempt to block the oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Spill 2010

BP Press Officer Robert Wine sent out an email to FOX News producer Dan Gallo on the Top Kill procedure. He said: “The tests involve pumping drilling fluids into the BOP to measure pressures and flow paths. This work may take up to another day and, when complete, a decision will be made on the execution of the top kill procedure itself.”

The top kill procedure, was scheduled to take place today morning but since BP is still conducting tests — to check if this procedure will work under the intense conditions 5,000 feet below the surface — it is likely to take place later.

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  • Why cannot one put a larger pipe to fit over the existing smaller pipe where the oil is spewing?
    It could have a gasket of some sort to make for a tight fit and hold the pipe in place.
    Therefore, all the oil could be vaccumed into a tanker and hopefully stop the spread of more oil.

    Carol Slider

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