Thousands Taken Hostage As Gunmen Attack Two Pakistan Mosques In Lahore


UK Today News: Thousands Taken Hostage As Gunmen Attack Two Pakistan Mosques In Lahore

Lahore Mosque Attack: Thousands of people have been taken hostage in Pakistan after armed gunmen attacked two mosques belonging to a minority Islamic group – Ahmadis – in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore.

Pakistan Police

Reports say that the gunmen fired at two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore at around 1.45pm (Pakistan time), moments after the Friday prayers ended.

Pakistan’s Dawn TV has reported that there have been three explosions and two policemen have been killed. Neither of this has been confirmed by the Pakistani police.

The Pakistani police have surrounded the two mosques and some sources say that the old, women and children have been permitted to leave, while the remaining people have been held hostage.

Lahore Attacks Update: New reports have come in that at least 20 people have been killed as a result of the Lahore bombings in Pakistan.


  1. Ahmadis are a small minority of Muslims who live by a code “Love for All Hatred for None”. Ahmadis promote Love and Peace and totally discard Jihad of Violence. For years Ahmadis have been made targets, doctors and top leaders have been killed by these terrorists in Pakistan. But Ahmadis Never retaliate, They strongly believe in the ONE God and pray. These terrorists are not fighting Ahmadis they are Fighting God.AndGod himself will give them a Sound Reply. We Ahmadis will still build more Mosques, still Spread the Beautiful Peaceful Teachings of Islam.

  2. People often fear what they don’t understand, and many other Muslims fail to understand the peaceful sect of Ahmadis, and thus take advantage of their pacifism and attack them to kill off something they don’t understand. The Ahmadi community is peaceful and never displays such violence against their attackers even, but this is because they know that everyone will answer to God one day.

  3. Shameless PAK Politician REHMAN MALIK tries to blame on ” RAW ” for the Mosque Massacre. In fact, they are the true Terror Leaders. Ahmedia Muslims are ” DECLARED ” non-muslims and National Assets Terrorists are given License to Kill. Terror Camps are still ” INTACT ” in POK under the banner of Kashmir Freedom Fighters and the new Breed of Terrorists are ready to strike anywhere. Pak Politicians are Masters in Aiding, Soliciting, Shielding and Misguiding the World for the Home Grown Terrorists. Bangladesh The Largest Muslim Country was also declared Non-Muslims and Pak Army killed 1000’s of innocent people & Raped 10000’s of girls, including Minors in 1971. It has become PAK’s Policy to declare any Community or Country as Non-Muslims to ” DESTROY ” them, but forgets that under the Law of Nature every of their sinful action hits them back like ” BOOMERANG “.


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