BP Top Kill Update – BP Working On Next Step To Tackle Gulf Coast Oil Spill


UK Today News:BP Top Kill Update – BP Working On Next Step To Tackle Gulf Coast Oil Spill

BP Top Kill Update, Gulf Coast Oil Spill: On Friday, BP officials announced that the Top Kill plan had met with some success in temporarily plugging the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. However, they are not sure not sure if this plan will work till Sunday.

BP Oil Spill 2010

BP’s Top Kill procedure aims at plugging the leaking oil well by pumping mud-like fluid into the oil leak and then sealing it with cement, in the hope that this will stop the well from spewing out gallons of oil.

Reports say that engineers with BP are still deciding whether they should continue the “top kill” procedure on Saturday or whether they should focus on another plan to stop the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

US President Barack Obama toured the region on Friday and told reporters: “We want to stop the leak, we want to contain and clean up the oil and we want to help the people in this region return to their lives and livelihoods as soon as possible.”

So what’s BP’s next step after Top Kill? BP’s Chief operating officer, Doug Suttles told CNN:
“If ‘top kill’ does not work, the next option would be to place a custom-built cap known as the “lower marine riser package” over the leak, Suttles said. BP crews were working Saturday to ready the materials for that option should it become necessary, he said.”

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