Gulf Coast Oil Spill 2010 – BP Abandons Diamond Saw Plan For ‘Top Hat’


UK Today News: Gulf Coast Oil Spill 2010 – BP Abandons Diamond Saw Plan For ‘Top Hat’

BP Top Hat, Gulf Coast Oil Spill, BP Oil Spill: BP’s failure to plug the massive oil leak, which is spewing out thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, has led the public to come up with new suggestions to put an end to USA’s worst ever oil spill disaster.

Gulf Coast Oil Spill

New reports sat that BP has reportedly abandoned using the diamond wire cutter in an effort to seal the hole barely days after the “Top Kill” plan failed.

After the “top kill” failure and the diamond saw getting stuck in the pipe – as part of the capping plan – BP plans on going for a “top hat” plan.

What is the “Top Hat” plan all about? As part of BP’s Top Hat plan, it is a 5-foot-tall, 4-foot-diameter structure that weighs less than two tons; but reports say that engineers chose an insertion tube instead, that ended up capturing only around 20 percent of the oil “from the site of the leak to the surface.” (CNN)

Alabama and Mississippi have experienced the consequences of the Gulf coast oil spill and the latest state to become a victim of BP’s oil spill is Florida.

Eric Smith, associate director of the Tulane Energy Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana, told reporters on Wednesday that it would probably take a number of days to put the cap in place.

He said: “I would suspect that once they get the surface cut and the remainder of the riser moved aside, they will come in with some sort of a buffing operation to make sure that the cut’s as smooth as they can get it.”

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  1. So BP is still unsure how to solve the problem? I thought the top hat was to be tried a long time ago and it failed – when it put a giant dome over the spill. Is it something new that BP is trying?

    Wasn’t the diamond saw plan going to increase the size of the spill? BP has been getting too many things wrong from the spill and it is high time they pull up their socks.

  2. Ok, I saw the picture of the Diamond saw cuttin g thru the Pipe.. I said I hope the have a crane supporting the pipe or the weight of the pipe will pinch the blade stopping and binding the Saw.anyone who has ever cut trees or wood know this so. So why didn’t BP do this.. I don’t think they really care. Or they would have used someone to cut the pipe that has cut pipe before.I don’t mean some that did it last week for the first time. I will be glad to come and do a redo before 10,000,000 more gallons pour out the pipe.They need a seat of the pants engineer not highly Schooled one..I worked with one who could not write with a piece of Soapstone .. not realizinen don’t push so hard.