Allman Brothers’ Greg Allman Has A Successful Liver Transplant in Florida


UK Today News: Allman Brothers’ Gregg Allman Has A Successful Liver Transplant in Florida

Allman Brothers: Good news for all rock lovers, especially for the supporters and fans of Allman Brothers group since Gregg Allman, 62, member of the Southern rock group – the Allman Brothers – underwent a successful liver transplant in Florida on Wednesday. Reports say that he is currently recuperating and is responding well to the treatment.


Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman had a successful liver transplant and is reportedly looking forward to getting back on the road again. He is likely to be make a come back in November and plans to release a new album in January 2011. The band has cancelled their performance at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago today.

Allman, who is battling addiction to drugs and alcohol, began his treatment for Hepatitis C in 2007 after giving in to a chronic damage to his liver.

He has emerged as a strong individual with a determined mindset to stick to the road of recovery and stay away from addictions of drugs.

Allan told reporters: “I feel pretty good, considering everything that’s happened. Everybody involved here, my doctors and nurses in the hospital and all the Allman Brothers fans, they’ve just all been great. All I can really say is ‘thanks.”

We wish Gregg Allman a speedy recovery.

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