Germany vs. Argentina – Soccer Titans Face Each Other


UK Today News: Germany vs. Argentina – Soccer Titans Face Each Other

Argentina vs Germany: Paul the Octopus, an English born Octopus currently in the Sea life Aquarium in Germany has predicted that Argentina would exit the World cup this year following the match against the Germans, at least the Octopus feels that way.


But we can’t just put the animals thoughts aside; the creature had predicted of four previous teams who have exited the tournament. But that’s what the animal feels; the team feels very confident this time and particularly speaking of Argentina, they are looking forward to settle up their scores against the Germans from the last World Cup when they lost against them in a penalty shoot out.


Diego Maradona (picture)

On the field there is tense atmosphere between the two soccer nations, and it just got worse when Maradona had an interview with Fox Sports, and he stared into the camera and mocked the Germans with a fake German accent saying,”What’s the matter Mr. Schweinsteiger? Are you nervous?”.

This act of the Argentine coach didn’t go unnoticed; the German manager replied to him the same coarse manner, saying, “Bastian, never gets nervous”.


Bastian Schweinsteiger (Picture)

Furthermore Maradona added, that they are not worried about the Schweinsteiger, because they don’t have time to spend thinking on him, rather they concentrate on the game, and if it is about the game, they are not afraid of losing as they don’t know how to lose. He states that the Argentines play a different game every time they go out on the field and that’s what has made the Germans nervous.

Looking at both the soccer giants it seems no one is ready to step down, Maradona is very sure about his team as he saw the young Argentines practice on the field, and the Germans on their side sure enough to push the Argentines out of the tournament once again…… least the octopus is sure of this.

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