Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico – Scientists To Study Oil Spill Effect On Whales


UK Today News: Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico – Scientists To Study Oil Spill Effect On Whales

Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico: Scientists in the Gulf of Mexico are studying the effects of the oil spill on marine animals, which include whales, and are using tags and taking tissue samples to see the extent of damage caused by U.S.A’s worst ever oil spill. The study covers not only whales but also many endangered animals which are living in the Gulf.


In their research and study, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research ship Gordon Gunter will be placing listening buoys on the sea floor, which would remain there for months together, letting the researchers know what are the changes found in the animals around the affected area, and what is their response to the oil spill.

Reports say that scientists from Cornell University would be working on these projects and as part of their study, they would place dozens of buoys on the sea floor to monitor the sperm whales and Brydes whale’s sounds and clicks that they would make.

A new technology has come up which can record marine animals under water, would be deployed by group from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography from San Diego. According to Dr. John Hildeband, recording the sounds of the creatures underwater in the Gulf would help them make a clear picture of the effected ecosystem underneath. Tagging the whales will help them understand whether, there is a change in the patter of movement of the creatures.