Katie Piper Before and After – Former Model Katie Piper Recalls Acid Attack (Photo)


UK Today News: Katie Piper Before and After – Former Model Katie Piper Recalls Acid Attack (Photo)

Katie Piper Before and After : Model Katie Piper was a successful model and television reporter, who had an aspiring career and a strong future, but her life was not the same any more, when a man threw sulfuric acid on her face back in March 2008.

Katie Piper Before - After

Katie Piper – Before(R) and After (L)

The 26 year old recalls the memory when she was attacked, and says that it felt like some one had thrown a match on her and whole face was on fire. She went on to say that it felt like her whole head was a fire ball and the worse thing was when she saw bits of her face peeling off and her clothes starting to evaporate.

After the incident, local security cameras had caught the man responsible for the attack on camera and the police tracked him down only to find out that it was her ex- boyfriend, Danny Lynch, who was behind the attack.

Danny, 33, had started dating Katie just two weeks before the incident. He is known to have raped and beaten her barely two weeks into the relationship and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it. Katie refused to take his calls after this and  two days later, he arranged for a man to throw acid on her. According to Katie, this incident has changed her life completely, as she knows that she has lost her beautiful face.

Here is a photo of Katie Piper before and after the horrific acid attack: