Russian Spy Case – After Anna Chapman, Three Other Spy Suspects’ Identities Revealed


UK Today News: Russian Spy Case – After Anna Chapman, Three Other Spy Suspects’ Identities Revealed

Russian Spy Case, Anna Chapman, Russian Spy Ring: After the attractive Russian spy suspect Anna Chapman, two of the arrested suspects who are said to be undercover Russian spies, have revealed that they are Russian citizens and had forged their identities to stay in America, stated as per the court documents on Friday.

Anna Chapman Pic

Anna Chapman

Reports say that a letter presented by the prosecutors opposing bail of the convicts, stated that the man named Michael Zottoli is actually a man from Russia, and his real name is Mikhail Kutzik. The other a woman named Patricia Mills is actually a person named Natalia Pereverzeva. Mikhail Semenko is the third suspect.

According to investigations, the couple was staying at their residence in Arlington, Virginia with their two kids. After the investigators searched the couple’s house, they found two safe deposit boxes, which had passports, and other illegal documents which proved them to be American citizens. One box’s contained $80000 in it. Even the other safe deposit box held $20000 in it and fake identities. During the search, they even reportedly found a laptop which was purchased in Russia and brought to America.

The couple and Semenko are in custody in Northern Virginia. They had waived out their identities the moment they had been arrested and revealed everything to the police. On Friday the court had summoned the couple as they appeared before the judge. They stood in the court and didn’t speak to each other unless they were asked to.

The three suspected spies are the next to be revealed after Anna Chapman’s identity was exposed a few days ago.


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