BP Gulf Oil Spill Update : Worlds Largest skimmer vessel In Help For BP – Results To Come Soon


UK Today News: BP Gulf Oil Spill Update : Worlds Largest skimmer vessel In Help For BP – Results To Come Soon

BP Gulf Oil Spill – A Whale : The results of what is called the biggest skimming vessel in the world, which has been working in the gulf for almost a week now, would be out soon. The large skimming vessel called ‘A Whale’ which is converted from a cargo ship, has been working in the gulf from the past weekend, which is a 25 sq. mile patch, in attempt to separate the crude oil from the sea.

largest skimmer

TMT Shipping Offshore’s converted supertanker, ”A Whale’ – Picture Curtesy Reuters.

Now, according to the officials, if the test results are successful, this vessel would play a very big role in the cleanup of the Gulf, as it would be the largest active skimming vessel.

The results are due soon, according Bob Grantham, spokesperson of BP. The giant vessel which gulps in water mixed with oil and then separates the water from oil, can do as much as 21 million gallons a day, which is almost 250 times more than the normal converted fishing vessel would do in a day.

On the other hand, BP has announced that it has already undergone a loss of $3.12 billion during the whole course of the disaster.

There are around 550 vessels cleaning up the sea from the oil spill. But recently the Federal Authorities had to close down one section of the fishing area near the gulf of Louisiana on Sunday, because tens and thousands of gallons of oil is still being spilled into the Gulf.

The skimming vessel ‘A Whale’ arrived in the gulf on Wednesday, and is awaiting to join the forces who are cleaning up the oil spilled gulf. More relief news came in that 300 more new vessels would be called in to help the existing vessels in the cleanup efforts.

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