National Weather Service – North-East American States May Witness Extreme Heat


UK Today News: National Weather Service – North-East American States May Witness Extreme Heat

According to the National Weather Service today, they have reported that some of the north eastern states may witness heat of triple digit proportions and that may be prolonged for some period, which may produce a dangerous situation for the people there.

National Weather Service - american heat

A young girl tries to beat the heat by a little water on her head (picture)

According to the National Weather Service, the North eastern states will receive such sort of heat due to the rising levels in the humidity at the coast, which may prolong for some following days and have a brighter chance of crossing 100 degrees Fahrenheits.

This excessive heat would be received by the states of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Metropolitan areas. Here the temperatures would be around 100 degree at around 08.00 pm on Wednesday and there would be some relief during the night hours. In New York the heat would stall in the city by 07.00 pm and would stay there for at least a few days.

The main cause behind the heat temperature rise, is due to the rise in the humidity levels and this matched the weather pattern in the area cause to temperature to soar.

People are advised to stay indoors during the peak hours of the heat. Be in air conditioned rooms and to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, this would be preventive measure against the soaring heat outside, stated a spokesperson from the New Jersey Health and Senior Services Department.