Gaza Bound Aid Ship Being Monitored By The Israel Navy


The Israeli Navy has been monitoring a Libyan origin, Gaza bound aid ship, amidst the recent controversy on the Israel’s attack on the flotilla. According to the shipment organization, which is a Gaddafi Foundation, the ship (Amalthea) has ignored warning signs sent by the Israeli warships, to change the course. But as per the officers on the ship, the ship is not able to move for the reason that they are suffering from engine problems.

The ship has been scheduled to reach Gaza on Wednesday, but this blockade has provided problems for the course of the shipment. This action from the Israeli side has come recently, after they killed nine activists who were killed when the Israeli commandos entered their ship and killed them, and this very ship was on its course to Gaza.

According to the Israeli Military, the officials have stated that there has been a mistake from the top level during some operation, and as a result this has started an international outrage, where the people are saying that the Israeli troops are using unnecessary military force. On the other hand the Israeli military officials stated that the ship wasn’t given any warnings or threats, but rather it was the ship’s captain who had said that they would change course towards the Egyptian port of El-Arish, and unload the aid there, and then send it to Gaza by land.