Unemployment In UK Falls Again To A Low Of 2.47 Million


UK Today News: Unemployment In UK Falls Again To A Low Of 2.47 Million

It looks that the ray of hope for all the unemployed is coming true at some point, as the rate of unemployment in the UK has fallen again to a three month low to 7.8%.


The number of unemployed people in Britain fell by 34000 to 2.47 million. There were more than 160000 jobs provided to people in UK in the last three months, which was the highest since August 2006.

As per the Office of National Statistics, they have stated that the number increase of people who are part time employed was by 148000 and 12000 in the full time jobs sector. This makes that 27% of the jobs in the UK are part time basis which is the highest ever since 1992.

This decline in the number of unemployment reflects that the people in UK have started to look for jobs, or some have already been employed, or else the rest are job hunting everywhere. But this is for sure that most of the people who have been idle for a long period have started to hunt for jobs, which could be a part time or full time employment.


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