WikiLeaks Reports Reveals ISI Provided Funds To Taliban To Act Against India

UK Today News: WikiLeaks Reports Reveals ISI Provided Funds To Taliban To Act Against India

In the latest recent leak of the U.S. military on the website WikiLeaks, their secret reports and papers have revealed some new hidden truths kept by the US military during the war in Afghanistan. But the reports not only speak about Afghanistan and Pakistan, it also contains some instances of India too.

Taliban In Afghanistan

Taliban (Pic Courtesy: Guardian)

Reports say that the documents reveal that the Taliban is backed by the ISI, in the form of providing funds which could be used in acting against India.

India and its Intelligence were aware that the Pakistan non-government officials always had their hands in the attacks against India. Around 91000 military documents have been leaked on the website, WikiLeaks.

In one instance, one document states that the ISI had offered $15000 to the Taliban to kill some Indian contractor in Afghanistan. Other documents that have mentioned information regarding India and Pakistan, state that from the period of 2004 to 2007, it has been confirmed from the website that the ISI was under the command of the Pakistani army chief, General Parvez Ashfaq Kayyani. And in yet another instance of the WikiLeaks reports, it confirms that the ISI had ordered an attack on the Indian embassy in Afghanistan.

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